Domestic Resource Mobilisation


If African countries collected more taxes, used the money better, prioritised public services in health, education and agriculture - and ended corruption in the public sector - it would benefit all Africans, especially the poor communities. Collecting domestic revenues is essential, if governments are to provide critical services such as water, energy, education, and other basic infrastructure. In raising the needed revenue for development, taxation also enhances the capacities of governments to deliver the needed services to its citizens and therefore enhances government capacity to govern and to elicit trust from its citizens.

In this light, JASCNet will promote socially just and accountable taxation systems in Africa. It will advocate for tax policies with pro-poor outcomes and tax systems that curb public resource leakagesand enhance domestic resource mobilisation. Our work will focuses on taxation and inequality, IFFsand taxation of the extractive industries. Thus in order to promote socially just and accounting taxation systems in Arica, during 2019-2023 JASCNet will do the following:


• Continue its collaboration with the Jesuiteinmission collaborative tax justice research project with Hakimani and JCTR and will extend this study to West Africa through CERAP and the Jesuit-run Social Science Faculty of the Catholic University in Cameroun.
• In collaboration with the Yale University Global Justice Programme organise for the discussion around latest research on tax justice that will bring together researchers,academics, politicians, policy makers, tax administrators and development practitioners.
• Form collaborative links with the African Tax Administration Forum and other like-minded organisations

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