Published Manuals

We are announcing the publication of the following manuals: Training Guide for Trainers on the Social Doctrine of the Church, Charactestics of the Jesuit Social apostolate. We have both french and English manuals. Contact JASCNET office through  this email to get your copy You can also download your copy on the member area section JASCNET Publications.

Up Coming Event Seminar Characteristic of the Jesuit Social Apostolate

Participants will be taken through Mission of the society of Jesus, spirituality of the social apostolate among other significant topics

New Publication Alert:Unmet Promises of Extractive Industries in Africa

This publication is about critical diagnosis of enviromental dialogue in the context of corporate  social responsibility of mining companies in Kitwe Zambia and Katanga DRC. To get a copy of this book, get at the Catholic bookshoop Paulines Nairobi Kenya. Incase you are outside Africa, write an email to us at and we will let you know how you can get the book

New JESAM Social Delegate

For many years as I grew up, I lived by the conviction that my destiny was to develop myself in the engineering career. I grew up in a mining town, in Mufulira, Zambia and seeing the prospering lives of engineers of all kinds who worked for the mines, I felt attracted to the good life that those engineers led. At the same time, I grew up in a very Catholic family and so from very early on I had a strong desire to become a priest. So, for the first three decades of my life, my vision of life oscillated between serving my own personal career goals and the deeper goals of serving God and humanity.

Read more: New JESAM Social Delegate

JASCNET Upcoming Meeting Strategic plan Meeting 2018

JASCNET strategic meeting will commence from the 6-12 May 2018. It will be done in three phases. Phase one will present evaluation findings that is where we are coming from. Phase two will feature in information gathering  that is where we are now  and understanding context analysis  and finally phase three on the institutional vision that is  how we get where we want to go.

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