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New Publication Alert:Unmet Promises of Extractive Industries in Africa

16 March 2018

This publication is about critical diagnosis of enviromental dialogue in the context of corporate s...

New JESAM Social Delegate

22 March 2018

For many years as I grew up, I lived by the conviction that my destiny was to develop myself in the ...

EAI-CERAP International Conference Report

22 March 2018

Internationale Conference on Technology, R D, Education and Economy, TREE for Africa 2018 was offici...

Ecology Press Release

25 July 2017

Jesuit Africa Social Centers Network (JASCNET) convened in Lilongwe (Malawi) from 15th -19th June 20...

Up Coming Event Seminar Characteristic of the Jesuit Social Apostolate

11 September 2017

Participants will be taken through Mission of the society of Jesus, spirituality of the social apost...

EAI-CERAP International Conference Report

Internationale Conference on Technology, R&D, Education and Economy, TREE for Africa 2018 was officially launched on the 21st March 2018.  The conference was organized by the Jesuit University Institute which is within the Center for Research and Action for Peace (CERAP), in partnership with European Alliance for Innovation (EAI). Read More

Ecology Press Release

Jesuit Africa Social Centers Network (JASCNET) convened in Lilongwe (Malawi) from 15th -19th June 2017 for a Seminar on ecology. This was to mark the second anniversary of "Laudato Si", and encyclical letter on ecology by Pope Francis.

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Interfaith Rainforest Press Release

Elles favorisent une biodiversité sans limites et un climat équilibré, tout en soutenant les cultures et les communautés de peuples autochtones qui y vivent. Elles sont à l’origine des pluies et de l’air qui rafraîchissent la Terre. 

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Agents of reconciliation in a broken world

Be “the feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace” (Eph 6:15). It is with this strong exhortation that the 36th General Congregation urges the children of Ignatius of Loyola to commit themselves to the mission of reconciliation and justice

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Statement of Participants of the Interfaith Rain forest Initiative

They support boundless biodiversity, a balanced climate, and the cultures and communities of indigenous peoples who live in them. They generate cooling air and rains that water the Earth. They are spectacular, and vital to all life.

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