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JESAM Latest News

New Publication Alert:Unmet Promises of Extractive Industries in Africa

16 March 2018

This publication is about critical diagnosis of enviromental dialogue in the context of corporate s...

New JESAM Social Delegate

22 March 2018

For many years as I grew up, I lived by the conviction that my destiny was to develop myself in the ...

EAI-CERAP International Conference Report

22 March 2018

Internationale Conference on Technology, R D, Education and Economy, TREE for Africa 2018 was offici...

Ecology Press Release

25 July 2017

Jesuit Africa Social Centers Network (JASCNET) convened in Lilongwe (Malawi) from 15th -19th June 20...

Up Coming Event Seminar Characteristic of the Jesuit Social Apostolate

11 September 2017

Participants will be taken through Mission of the society of Jesus, spirituality of the social apost...

Social Centres

  1. Action sociale cheche ACE/RDC.
  2. Center chretien pour les Dirigeants ET Cadres des Enterprises (CADICEC) ACE/RDC.
  3. Centre culturel Boboto (CCB) ACE/RDC.
  4. Centre d’Etudes Pour I ‘Action Sociale (CEPAS) ACE/RDC.
  5. Centre Mgr Munzihirwa ACE/RDC.
  6. Centre Agro-pastoral Ignangi.
  7. Centre D’Etude ET de Formation Pour le Development (CEFOD) AOC/Chad.
  8. Centre De Recherché ET D`action Pour la Paix (CERAP) AOC/Ivory Coast.
  9. Jesuit Hakimani Centre (JHC) AOR/ Kenya.
  10. Centre Social Arrupe (CSA) MDG/Madagascar.
  11. Centre Foi et Justicen (CFJ) MDG/Madagascar.
  12. Center Culturel Adolphe Razafuntsalama (CCAR) MDG/Madagascar.
  13. Formation and Promotion Centre MOZ/Mozambique.
  14. House (6) for HIV/AIDS Orphans-Fonte Boa Missin MOZ/Mozambique.
  15. Fr Cirilo Social Centre MOZ/Mozambique.
  16. Parish Social Centre MOZ/Mozambique.
  17. Centre Socio-culture URUMURI RWB/ Rwanda.
  18. MIZERO RWB/Rwanda.
  19. Service yezu Mwiza (SYM) RWB/Rwanda.
  20. The Jesuit Institute-South Africa (JISA) SAF/South Africa.
  21. Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) ZAM Zambia.
  22. Jesuit Centre for Ecology and Development ZAM/Malawi.
  23. Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre (KATC) ZAM/Zambia.
  24. Silveira House ZIM/Zimbabwe.
  25. Zambuko House: ZIM/Zimbabwe.
  26. Jesuit AIDS project: ZIM/Zimbabwe.
  27. Aids Counseling Mashambazou ZIM/Zimbabwe.
  28. Famine Relief Programme ZIM/Zimbabwe.
  29. Makumbi Children’s Home ZIM/Zimbabwe.
  30. Pedro Arrupe Centre Musami ZIM/Zimbabwe.

JESAM Social Apostolate

260 Dagoretti Rd.

P.O BOX 1540-00502,

Karen- Kenya

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+254 203 884 528

+254 20 202 5692





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